Misdemeanors, even though they are lesser crimes than felonies, will still show up on your permanent record and may keep or hinder you throughout your future.


 Fortunately, if you were convicted of any misdemeanor in Mississippi, and it was your first offense, you likely qualify to have that      

 incident removed entirely from your record.*

* Traffic citations do not apply.

DUI Removal

Current Mississippi Law now allows for the complete removal of certain DUI first offenses. However, certain criteria must be met:


1 - FIVE years must have passed since you successfully completed all terms and conditions of your first offense DUI.

2 - You were not a holder of a commercial driver’s license or commercial learning permit.

3 - You did not refuse to submit a blood or breath test.

4 - Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tested below .16% if test results are available.

5 - You do not have any other DUI offense on your record or have another one pending.

6 - You can provide the court with a reason why your DUI should be expunged.


If you meet these criteria, then we can promptly apply to have all records of your DUI removed from your permanent record!